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Florida City Public Adjusters -- Representing Your Side of the Insurance Claim
Florida City policyholders dealing with insurance claims and property damage face a tedious process, but you don't have to face it alone. Work with Florida City public adjusters and let us handle everything related to your loss on your behalf. Florida City public adjusters work for you with a goal of both easing your burden and getting you a full insurance settlement.

Public insurance adjusters are much like the claims adjusters you've likely encountered at your insurance company: we're professionals who have studied the insurance industry extensively and are skilled at appraising property losses. However, there's a big difference between public insurance adjusters and insurance company adjusters and that's who we work for. All Claim Solutions' public adjusters work for you while your insurance company's adjusters work for your insurance company. 

This difference is key, and it could impact you financially. If you're hoping to get a full and fair settlement from your insurance company, one of our Florida City public adjusters can help make that happen by:
. Properly adjusting your loss -- We are thorough, and we use a blend of the latest industry pricing guides, personal expertise, and consultations with local experts to ensure the most accurate estimates possible.
. Documenting everything (and we mean everything) -- You must prove your losses in order to settle the claim, and we'll provide your insurance company with supporting documentation.
. Minimizing delay tactics -- We know every trick in the book that could possibly be used to delay your claim and have strategies in place to counter them. As public claims adjusters, we also know which forms to fill out and when which reduces delays associated with missing forms or incomplete information.

Florida City public adjusters are licensed by the state of Florida, and we are bound by several key consumer protections in insurance law. One of these requirements is that public insurance adjusters cannot charge upfront fees and can only be paid out of the insurance settlement. What does this mean to you? It means you'll pay nothing upfront, and you won't pay us anything if we can't get you a settlement.

If you want a consumer advocate on your side during the insurance claim process, give one of our Florida City public adjusters a call. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation to learn more about the benefits of using our services.